What are we doing?

We design, build and manage dairy farms

AgroTrust is ready to provide all its extensive experience in implementing dairy farming projects, covering both large and small agricultural enterprises. Our company specializes in planning and managing dairy farming projects in a wide range of climate zones. We design, build and manage dairy farms.
  • We design

    We design equipment and components in accordance with industry standards for quality, safety and individual operating conditions
  • We are building

    We will determine the best methods and materials for constructing a farm, focusing on cost savings without compromising the quality and longevity of buildings and infrastructure.
  • We equip

    We will select and purchase the necessary equipment for livestock farming and product processing, including stalls, feeders, milking machines and technical systems.
  • The best from around the world

    We work with leading suppliers of equipment and agricultural technology, selected by us to improve the productivity of the dairy farm.


AgroTrust has demonstrated excellence in developing and delivering creative solutions for various dairy farms that use modern technology to efficiently produce milk while maintaining high standards of animal welfare and environmental stewardship.

Difference from other companies

Dairy production is not an easy activity. Successful projects are determined mainly by how specialists cope with such a difficult task. Dairy farms require the use of the latest technologies, which will not only ensure the production of milk of impeccable quality, but also facilitate the processes. That's why we offer professional technical advice, support and training to your staff. All of this is an integral part of our commitment to you.


Preliminary feasibility study.
You will receive key characteristics and technical details of the project, an assessment of the expected investments and the main economic parameters of the project.

Feasibility study.
In addition to assessing the proposed investment and the main economic parameters of the project, you will also receive analysis and documentation of all components necessary to study the professional, technical, economic and financial aspects of the project.

Master plan.
Includes the project and the placement of all its structures on a topographic map.

Detailed architectural and engineering plans.
Detailed plans of buildings and structures of the project required for construction.
Construction management.
Organization and control of the entire construction process. Includes construction crew schedules, budget and construction control, and logistics management.

Purchase of equipment.
Selection and negotiations with suppliers, preparation of commercial documentation, purchase of equipment.

Supply of equipment.
We deliver, install and configure all necessary equipment.
Professional and technical support. Selection and import of herd, warranty and post-warranty service.
Training and technology transfer.
We train local teams, managers, and supervisors; we design the farm management structure, and also create detailed instructions for farm operations.

Professional support.
We coordinate and organize regular visits of experts in specific areas: herd health, nutrition, livestock husbandry, laboratory installation.

Что Вы получаете?

  • Dairy farms

    Maximum chances for successful milk production management
  • Forage shop

    Proper management and control of herd feeding
  • Recycling

    Manure processing, disposal and composting
  • Service and support

    Stable performance of hardware and software